How to achieve high credit scores and make your life easier!

Credit Repairing

Do not think that the only way to fix your credit score is by paying a credit score repair professional to fix your credit score! In all honesty there is nothing you cannot do yourself to fix your credit score.

You will have to know what to repair before you start to repair your credit score. Get a copy of your credit report, it will have all the information you will need to begin repairing your credit. These reports are available from all three credit bureaus for a fee. It is highly recommended that you order all three reports, sometimes call a three-in-one report. Not all of your creditors report to all of the bureaus so if you order all three you will have all the information necessary to work with and nothing will be a surprise to you when applying for a loan. When you do get your credit reports it is smart to back them up by making copies of each and keeping them in a safe place.

Check Your Free Credit Reports

Check your report thoroughly after receiving it. Familiarize yourself with the details of each report by mark any disputes or discrepancies you find. Some reports may even have accounts that are not yours on them, payments that have been reported late incorrectly, past due accounts that are listed as being late, charged off, or possibly even been sent to collection agencies. Also look for accounts taht are over your credit limit or maxed out. You can get your free credit score here.

If your score is good, it will be easy for you to get a credit with good interest rates!

If your score is good, it will be easy for you to get a credit with good interest rates!

Any information that you feel is incorrect on your account you can dispute, it is your right. Your reports will have information for you on how to dispute anything you feel is not accurate.  Need a free credit score?  You can do this by phone or letter, just make sure you detail the information very clearly that you wish to dispute, maybe it would benefit you and the agency by sending a copy of the dispute with your letter.

Credit Score Scales & Payment History

Your payment history will make up a large percentage of your good credit score range and the past due accounts have a large negative effect on your credit report score scale. To improve or correct your credit score it is vital that you take care of all these negative markes on your report. It is in your best interest to have all accounts marked as current or even better yet paid off!

How you utilize your credit will make up about 1/3 of your report, this is your total credit compared with your total debt. If you have maxed out your credit cards it can adversely effect your credit score, try not to max out any of your credit cards if possible. Your best bet is to pay off your credit cards in full, if you can manage to do that your score will go up.

As soon as you have fixed the bad marks on your report you should them begin to work on getting good marks on your report. You can do this by making payments on time for any loans and credit cards that are active. You may also wish to establish some new credit by applying for a small loan or a new credit card. Make sure you make your payments on any new lines on-time!